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A premiere for Romanian wines: an event exclusively dedicated to Romania within Mundus Vini

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Wines of Romania presents Romanian winesinexclusive tasting at Mundus Vini,, Germany

At the initiative of Wines of Romania, five Romanian wine producers are participating in the 31st edition of Mundus Vini, one of the most important wine competitions in the world, which will take place from 1 to 4 September 2022 in Neustdat, Germany.

Averești Estates, SERVE Winery, Vintruvian Estates (Via Viticola and Prince Matei Estates), Gramofon Winery and Jidvei Winery will present their wines in an event dedicated exclusively to our country ,including an introductory Masterclass held by Marinela Ardelean, founder of Wines of Romania, followed by the tasting of top Romanian and international wines.

For the first time in the history of the Mundus Vini world competition, Romanian wines will be presented, judged and appreciated in a large-scale event dedicated to our country. Thus, on 3 September 2022, Romanian producers will offer participants in the tasting a careful and representative selection of wines, where the focus will be on both local varieties – Fetească noire, Busuioaca de Bohotin, Zghihară de Huși, Tămâioasă românească, Fetească bianca, Fetească regală and international varieties that have adapted very well in our vineyards and from which exceptional wines are made.

The moment dedicated to Romania in the Mundus Vini world competition is an initiative of Wines of Romania. WOR is a digital universe dedicated to Romanian wines, wine lovers, buyers, producers and investors, which aims to meet the demands of both wine lovers and producers, meeting the exponential interest shown by importers, distributors, wine critics and sommeliers The strategic partner for Wines of Romania is Carrefour Romania through Deschidem Vinul Românesc, a long-term national programme whose mission is to support the Romanian wine industry.

We are convincedthat a unique opportunity for Romanian producers to a to speak in front of some of the most important specialistsinternațional about the value andpotenof our wines. Wine speaks about places, people, tradition, history, and we have a duty to show it and let it speak to the world. This event is an invitation not only to those who will participate in the tasting, but to all those who have the opportunity to find out more about us. My constant concern in recent years has been to make Romanian wine known in the world. Now, Wines of Romania, together with Carrefour and the five partner producers, have the opportunity to talk about what Romanian wine means today, about the road it has travelled towards global recognition, but also about the challengesinthe transition to quality wine production, after decades of production oriented towards large volumes. By participating in Mundus Vini, we want to set a benchmark for excellence in the presentation of Romanian wines“ said Marinela Ardelean, founder of Wines of Romania.

Romanian wines have shown over the last years at MUNDUS VINI, that there is an increase in the quality. For me it is very interesting to see this quality. For me it is very interesting to see this diversity of wine philosophies. With this years wine presentation by Wines of Romania our wine experts from all over the world now have the chance to taste those wines not blindly served in the tasting but with all knowledge about the wines, the idea and the personal interaction with the representatives. previous From the MUNDUS VINI tasting most of them already know the high quality of Romanian wines, but of course the tasting there was blind, so they didn’t know the exact wine or the winery. I am very much looking forward to this fantastic evening and the chance for both, the wineries to present their great wines, but also our wine experts to get more deep insights and experience with Wine of Romania”, says Christian Wolf, Mundus Vini Tasting Director.

Mundus Vini, one of the world’s largest and most important wine competitions, brings together more than 11,000 wines from all over the world, from the most important wine regions, every year. The wines of the 31st Mundus Vini will be tasted and rated by a jury of 139 experts from 36 countries – importers, oenologists, sommeliers, wine producers, journalists.

The wines of Romanian producers have been awarded for several years at this prestigious competition, which attests both to their quality and to the fact that the efforts of Romanian producers in recent years have begun to bear fruit. The organisation for the first time in the 31 editions of Mundus Vini of an event dedicated exclusively to Romania, in the presence of so many renowned specialists in the field, is a first step towards the declared objective of Wines of Romania: "We are taking Romanian wine to the world, to its rightful place!"

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