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Better wages for young people who choose viticulture

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Hope for young graduates

A measure has been taken that could bring young qualified people to work in viticulture and winemaking. Employers in agriculture and the food industry will have to pay a minimum wage of 3,000 lei and reduced payroll taxes. The law has been enacted.

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Wines with fine yeasts

The blending of white and rosé wines has returned to the attention of specialists, due to the increasing interest of consumers for "sur lie"/"on lees" wines, those naturally clarified wines containing fine yeasts.

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Wine as a vector of emotions

"Wine offers emotions. It’s not just declarative, there’s a physiological reality behind it." The result of a PhD thesis in Bordeaux. Medical analysis that unequivocally demonstrates the emotional value of wine consumed in moderation.

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https://www.vitisphere.com/actualite-96704-le-vin-est-un-vecteur-demotions-cest-scientifiquement-prouve-.html#sd_id=&sd_source =

Climate change brings new challenges

Late frosts, intense and prolonged drought, torrential downpours. How do winegrowers adapt to climate change?

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