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Gramofon Winery is one of the boutique wineries in Romania that takes very seriously the goal of building a name for Romanian wines in the international market. So far, Gramofon Winery has exported wines from premium ranges to 3 major regions in the USA, as well as Taiwan and London, and new projects are in the pipeline for Italy and Spain. Also, in early 2021, the winery launched The Great Hill project, a winebar in Bucharest, located in one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of the capital – Cotroceni, designed to exclusively promote wines from Dealu Mare. In this way, the winebar succeeds in bringing closer to the Dealu Mare area also tourists who visit the capital, but do not have in their itinerary a visit to the Dealu Mare wine region, thus arousing the future interest of visitors for wine tourism in Romania, as well as for Romanian wines.

The winery offers a unique wine tourism experience, providing the much sought-after atmosphere for those wishing to rediscover the authentic beauty of a winery visit. Staying in one of the five tiny house-style cottages in the middle of the vineyard, surrounded by vines, creates a unique atmosphere for visitors. The experience can be completed by booking a wine tasting and pairing it perfectly with culinary delights. Walks in the vineyard, visits to the winery and stories from the sommelier and the two owners make a visit to Gramofon Winery a perfect one.


Gramofon Wine is one of those wineries that can always boast the status of a "fairytale place" without sounding like cheap marketing. Because it truly is a place that not only brings forth wines but also gives birth to stories, a place that inevitably draws you to the "storytelling nights", where wine and life unfold in a different time, one specific to that place only.

As often happens in history, the existence of Gramofon Wine as it is today is due to a providential meeting. Marcel Pascu put at stake his entire wealth, accumulated in a lifetime as a musician, laying the foundations of the winery – 25 hectares of vineyards, buildings, some technology… Gabriel Lacureanu, one of the top oenologists of his generation, accidentally became a consultant of the winery (as an unpaid volunteer at first), after which he became part of the project and directly handled all the wines. Later, but at the most opportune moment possible, the "accountant" Marcel Vulpoi brought in the marketing know-how, the appetite for partying and the Dionysian atmosphere that has become an implicit definition of Gramofon Wine today.

Gramofon Winery is a place that presents itself to the world through its wines. But if you really want to know what Gramofon Wine is all about, the only way is to visit them. And stay for the stories.


Gramofon Wine - a constantly updated "passport" of the winery, useful for consumers and professionals

  • Name of the winery: Gramofon Wine
  • Region: Dealu Mare
  • Cellar address: Village Mocesti 215, commune Iordacheanu, Prahova
  • Head office address: 215 Mocesti village, Iordacheanu commune, Prahova
  • Contact person: Sabina Stroe-Bibescu
  • Phone: +40 763684199
  • Email:
  • Company name: SC OCTIMA Vinis SRL
  • Year founded: 2011
  • Owners: Marcel Pascu & Marcel Vulpoi
  • Oenologist: Gabriel Lacureanu
  • Annual production (in litres): 120.000
  • Surface area (ha): 25
  • Direct sale at the winery: YES
  • Website:


Ep. #10 Wines of Romania Podcast with Marcel Vulpoi, co-owner Gramofon Wine

If you want to know the story of Gramofon winery, and how an accountant – as Marcel Vulpoi, the co-owner of the winery, calls himself, came to invest in a winery in Dealu Mare, don’t miss episode #10 of the Wines of Romania Podcast. We invite you to watch it and enjoy it in the company of a Gramofon.
The Wines of Romania Podcast can be watched on YouTube and listened to in all established podcast libraries.


Always smiling, always ready to party! Wines of Romania invites you to visit Gramofon Wine for a wine, art and story tasting with the most cheerful host from Dealu Mare, Marcel Vulpoi.


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Gramofon Winery

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