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Modern Easter Menu + SERVE = Love

by Echipa Wines Of Romania
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Are you one of those who say NO to dribbles? Do you want to organize a modern Easter meal, more “light”, with international delicacies that will give the measure of your craftsmanship in the kitchen? We propose you a modern, urban menu, highlighted by exceptional wines from SERVE, one of the most beautiful and tender wine cellars in Dealu Mare.

A classic and easy-to-arrange entrée is the famous cheese platter and charcuterie. However, if a long feast is coming, there are some small tips to keep in mind. First of all, without extremely strong tastes (more soft cheeses than blue, not very spicy meats), so as not to overstimulate the papillae, risking to cover the notes of the wine and tired your senses before the delicate dishes. A suitable wine for these entrées is Terra Romana Rose, delirious enough to be followed by a white wine.

In seafood salad you need to use balsamico, not apple or wine vinegar, which conflicts with the flavors of the wine. Or, even better, a drop of lemon juice, citrus flavors being common in fresh wines. Our choice: Terra Romana Sauvignon Blanc & Feteasca Alba.

In fish we will need to dissociate the white meat from the pink or even red one. If you are preparing for sole, seabass or sea bream, they are suitable with a white wine – Cuvee Clemence (Chardonney + Feteasca Alba) or even Cuvee Amaury (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Rhine Riesling). Salmon asks for a rosé, obviously (we think with mail to a Sissy Cuvee ), and the tuna steak fits a light red wine, not necessarily young, but full of life – Terra Romana Millenium red (Merlot, Cabernet and Feteasca Neagra).

For the centerpiece of the evening – the turkey / duck or goose in the oven, you will need a solid red wine with personality and scale. Feteasca Neagra Guy de Poix would prove to be a wonderful companion but, on the other hand, it is such a beautiful and complex wine, with so much soul in which elegance and wildness struggle, that you may want to taste it separately. So either take several bottles or keep for the main course a gastronomy wine – Cuvee Guillaume (Feteasca Neagra + Pinot Noir) or Terra Romana Cabernet Sauvignon.

For dessert, the choice again depends on the dominant taste. If you have less sweet desserts, made of cocoa or coffee (lava cake, tiramisu), then you can choose with confidence a velvety Cuvee Charlotte. If you choose ice cream with vanilla, whipped cream and fruit (especially tropical) or other similar desserts, then you will surely be surprised by a Semi-sweet Maxence Cuvee , from Riesling de Rhine, a variety that no longer needs any recommendation…


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