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Okay, okay, but what kind of rose am I drinking this summer?

by Echipa Wines Of Romania
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With the return to normality, the Romanian wineries had the opportunity to celebrate a remarkable balance of medals obtained at international competitions. Brussels (one edition dedicated to rose wines, another for red and white wines), Mundus Vini, Gilbert&Gaillard, Monaco and many others – all of them brought remarkable results for Romanian wines.

Obviously, each of these medals has its importance and, moreover, explains to the world the place that Romanian wine deserves to occupy. But it rarely happens that a producer has been awarded gold for ALL the wines in a category, be it horeca or retail, new or old, white or red…

The "miracle" has happened, however, and – as Marius Iliev, the owner of Via Viticola, announced on his Facebook page – absolutely all of the winery’s rosés, from the bag-in-box wine to the three editions of The Letea horses (Volume I, Volume II and Genesis) have been gold medal winners in one or more of the competitions in which they have participated:

  • Bag in Box – gold and first place at the National Rose Wine Championship,
  • Letea Geneza horses (#exclusive Carrefour, part of the #deschidemulvinromanesc programme): gold at the Concours Mondial du Bruxelles and gold at the Rose Wine Competition (Poland, 2022),
  • Horses of Letea Vol.II – Gold at the annual Gilbert&Gaillard competition,
  • Letea Horses Vol I – Gold at the International Rose Championship.

Among the secrets of success, revealed online by Marius Iliev, are the early morning picking (essential for the preservation of flavours) and the manual sorting of the grapes (a rare process for the production of rose wines, considered by many producers more a concession to fashion than a wine that represents the values of the winery).

We congratulate our partners and expect comparable results from as many Romanian manufacturers as possible! Wine lovers are now guaranteed good things to enjoy this summer!


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