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2 - 8 May 2022

The conclusions of a doctoral thesis realized in Bordeaux region (France), show that 75% of wines vinified without protection with sulphites have defects, oxidation, volatile phenols or sour tastes. The impeccable wines, which are distinguished by freshness and discernible flavors of mint, black currant, black cherry, red or black fruits in general, are all wines protected with SO2.
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A study of purchasing and consumption habits emphasizes the importance of medals in choosing a wine and in the act of buying. In order to refine their selection, 59% of the respondents rely on the medals obtained by wines in different competitions.
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Wines are usually evaluated by experts and enthusiasts from the wine world, who give numerical evaluations or make written reviews. While most wine classification studies have been based on conventional statistical models using numerical variables, there has been very limited work on the implementation of neural network patterns using wine reviews. Based on a large collection of wine reviews from Wine Spectator, the study shows that BERT, a neural network framework recently developed by Google, has the best performance.
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Born Lucile Randon in France in 1904, Sister André is currently the oldest person in the world at 118, according to the Guinness Book of Records. She lives in a nursing home in Toulon, in the south of France. As she has done for many years in a row, she enjoys a glass of wine and some chocolate every day. Wine increases longevity, consumed wisely!
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Douyin, the Chinese video streaming app with 600 million daily active users, appears to be developing its own e-commerce platform with wine and spirits. The Chinese counterpart of TikTok thus aims to conquer the beverage market, taking advantage of its power in live broadcasting. You can read more here:
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Today, in the grace year 2022, there are 420 Master of Wine in the World (141 of them are women) working in 30 countries. They are allowed to use the abbreviation "MW" alongside their names.
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