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Revista presei internationale 28 martie – 2 aprilie 2022

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Michel Chapoutier, a well-known wine negotiator, said on March 29, 2022, in the conference at Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, that of the three methods of decreasing the alcohol content of wines (lowering the sugar content, hillcooling or rehydration), rehydration would be the most effective method. He even explains the legality of this method: “I’m on a field that has a potential of 40 hl/ha and I see that in order to achieve the maturity of the tannins I will lose by evaporation [volum] [volume] and go down to 34 hl/ha for example. To compensate for these 6 hl/ha that I lost through sweating, why wouldn’t I have the right to reintroduce 2 hl/ha of pure water?

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Friday, April 8, is the registration deadline for this year’s Taylor’s Port Golden Vines diversity scholarships , each of which awards £55,000 in scholarships and travel allowance to allow applicants to pursue either a Master of Wine or a Qualification as a Master sommelier.

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To ensure that you enjoy the entrance fee anticipated for the last time at the prestigious European Wine Challenge, which will take place on April 25, 2022, at London County Hall, the deadline for receiving samples is April 11, 2022. If you need help with registration, please send an e-mail to support@europeanwinechallenge.com and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Registrations can be made by accessing this link.

Aromatic white wines are a special class, with dominant floral aromas, which are determined by the presence of special aromatic organic compounds, which are found in the skin of the grapes. These wines are a delight to smell and sip, the best being enjoyed slowly and with time, to be able to explore their entire universe, using classical identification techniques. These wines vary in taste, intensity and sweetness, but often the balance tilts towards the sweeter side of the spectrum. Here are some wines that you can explore first with your nose, the first being produced in Romania, especially in Transylvania:

Gewürztraminer: flavors of lychee, rose, pink grapefruit and mandarin..

Torrontés: rose petals, geranium (geranium), lemon zest and white peach,

Cserszegi Füszeres: this Hungarian variety (pronounced “chair-seg-ee foo-sar-resh”) will present aromas of rose, elderflower, mint and white peach.


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