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wines of romania

Wines of Romania is a digital universe dedicated to Romanian wines, wine lovers, buyers, producers and investors.

The WOR platform aims to meet both the demands of wine lovers and the needs of producers, coming to meet the exponential interest shown by importers, distributors, wine critics and sommeliers.

One of the main points of interest of the platform is the space dedicated to Romanian wine cellars – where the largest archive of wine producers in Romania is a click away. Among the novelties are the calendar of events in the world of wine, the demands and job offers in the industry and, last but not least, the users of the platform can access a dictionary with notions from the world of wine, explained for everyone's understanding.

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Wine & Spirits Expert // Founder

Marinela Ardelean

I have known the world of wine from all angles, from all levels and on all continents. And, all the while, I have consolidated my opinion that our wine has its place at the top of the pyramid of quality.
My personal bet was that, at the horizon of 2036, we will talk about the Romanian wine as they talk about the one from France and Italy. The evolution of the last years proves the extraordinary potential of this industry. To get, however, where it deserves, Romanian wine needs any support, any effort, from personal promotion to international campaigns. He needs us who love him.

This is why we launched this project, for which we aggregated a strong team and involved massive energies from all over the world. I want to bring wine producers and all those involved in this industry a powerful tool, transforming the way we interact, in which we present ourselves to the world, in which we further develop this territory of excellence.

Join us, amplify to the maximum the power of your brand and we will build together new opportunities for Romanian wine!

OUTLET Wines Of Romania

The wine outlet is a premium area of the WoR platform that brings Romanian wine closer to its lovers.
Subscribe to get access to over 500 wines from established wine cellars, with discounted prices between 20 and 50%!
The purchase of wines is made directly from the online stores of producers or distributors, through coupons provided by WinesOfRomania.

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