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Alina Profir: "The wine didn't give up on me"

by Radu Rizea
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Alina Profir

Alina Profir

Alina Profir is an oenologist with over 10 years of experience in the vineyards of Dragasani and Crisana, raised among the vineyards of Dealu Mare, then specialized in Food Engineering at the Dunarea de Jos University.

Which was the moment when you realized that your personal destiny is linked to wine?

Wine has been with me since childhood, in one form or another. In addition, I had the opportunity to begin my career at Cramele Halewood, under the mentorship of Mrs. Carmen Iacob, Roxana Murgulet and Lorena Deaconu, who offered me a vision of the role played by women and their true potential in the art of wine.

Because my career path was not exactly smooth, there were several moments when I wanted to give up wine, but the wine never gave up on me. In such a crossroads moment, I realized that our paths intertwine and will always intertwine.

What style of wine do you prefer, in general?

In general, I prefer red wines. They seem more complex to me in "body and soul".

I love honest, atypical wines with personality. Such wines tell a whole story related to the people, the place and the year in which they were produced. These are the wines that we don’t find on the shelf every year, but when we taste them, stick to our memory.

How do you choose different wines (wine brands or styles) depending on certain moments – seasonal, anniversary, warm or friendly discussions, sophisticated dinners or everyday?

I often buy wines out of curiosity, I like to test new things. When I choose the wines to enjoy with other people, I select them according to their preferences, but I am careful to add a wine with opposite characteristics. Discussions with and about wine seem interesting to me, especially when they spark controversy.

What was the perfect, memorable pairing, where everything involved – wine, food, people – fell into place?

The most beautiful moments related to wine were those with people who came to the winery for a visit or a tasting. Wine tourism offered me many memorable moments, especially during the long summer evenings, when the stories of the wines were complemented by the personal stories of the guests.

How much decision-making power do women have in the Romanian wine market?

Women have become increasingly visible and involved in high-level decision-making on the wine market. We find them both in the production area and in the wine promotion area. It is said that: "behind a successful man, there is a strong woman". Have you ever wondered who is the woman behind a successful wine?

What do women know about wine that men don’t (yet) know?

Women tend to look at each wine made as their own child. That’s why I consider that they throw in an extra drop of attention, love and soul into every glass of wine they make. Thus, they create an unseen bond with those who have the opportunity to taste their creations.

In March, Wines of Romania set out to honor the role of women in the world of Romanian wine. We are therefore preparing a series of materials – interviews, articles and social media posts – to draw the public’s attention to the role of women in oenology. Come back for more portraits, until then you can read below about:


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