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Weinland by Jidvei, three wines honoring Transylvanian tradition

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Weinland tells the story of the Transylvanian wines

Located between the Saxons of Western Transylvania and the Swabians of the Banat region, the Tarnave wine region benefited both from the agricultural skill and experience of the former, and from the entrepreneurial spirit of the latter. For a long time, the land between the two Tarnave rivers was called Weinland – the Land of Wine.

The tradition and history of the winegrowers and winemakers of this area are honored in the latest collection launched by Jidvei, the Weinland range, three affordable wines that capture the character of the area – Feteasca regala, Sauvignon blanc and a rose made of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

“We are proud of the history of the region and our heritage and feel that we have a responsibility to continuously improve everything we do. As a sign of gratitude to those who have created an immortal tradition, for the beauty of the places and people here, we are launching the Weinland wine range.

Weinland is a story of creativity and innovation, dedication and hard work. It is a tribute to all those who for centuries have contributed to the evolution of viticulture and winemaking in these lands and it is also a challenge for all those who want to discover the history of a place and some legendary wines", declares Maria Necsulescu, Deputy General Director of Jidvei, in the press release that accompanied the launch of the new wines.

Weinland, a collection born in a difficult year

"For the Weinland range, we chose wines that capture the specifics of the Jidvei vineyard, with notes and aromas typical of each grape variety.

2022 is proof that challenges bring out the best in our harvests – after a fairly dry growing season, harvest time came with lots of rain and cooler days. But the perfect blend of terroir, modern technology and the dedication of the people has resulted in outstanding wines, even in tough conditions. This fact is demonstrated by the gold medal recently won at the Frankfurt International Trophy by Weinland Feteasca Regala, a wine that reflects the depth and expressiveness of the central variety in the Jidvei vineyard.

This range represents our vision of Weinland, and the label represents the very map of the Jidvei plantations between Tarnava Mica and Tarnava Mare. I could say that the subtle seriousness of the concept meets the vibrant intensity of the wines in a range full of freshness and authenticity, with D.O.C. Jidvei", says Maria Necsulescu, Deputy General Director, Jidvei.

Weinland Feteasca Regala
Weinland Roze
Weinland Sauvignon Blanc

Weinland, the Romanian land with a German accent

The first Saxons arrived in Transylvania at the beginning of the 12th century, say some sources, while others claim that it was even earlier, the first to settle in the area being those who participated in the "Peasants’ Crusade" , in 1096. What we know is that, until the end of the 13th century, the Saxons – mostly from the Rhineland – continued to settle in Transylvania, ending up organizing a self-governing administrative unit, Konigsboden, with seven well-defined micro-regions, Weinland being one of these, along with Altland (between Olt and Hartibaciu), Waldland (between Hartibaciu and Tarnava Mare), Zekeschgebiet (Tinutul Secaselor), Unterwald (Sebes – Orastie), Burzenland (tara Barsei), Nösnerland / Nösnergau (Bistrita – Nasaud) and Reener Landchen (Reghin).

The history of wine in Transylvania is closely linked to the vineyards owned by the Saxons. From Maramures to Sebes and then to the Bistrita area, the traces of Saxon wineries are still visible in the old houses and in the tradition of grape varieties rarely cultivated outside Transylvania. The style of working the vineyard, carefully, without haste, and the cleanliness of the wines, helped by an apparently capricious but, in fact, sensational climate, especially for the white varieties, made the Transylvanian wines the first ambassadors of these territories to Western Europe, winning since then until nowadays, as mentioned above, the recognition of all wine lovers.


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