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  1. Website is oowned and operated by the undersigned CLOS A&M S.R.L., with its registered office in Bucharest, Sector 1, Soldat Gheorghe Buciumat Street, No. 26, Block C-D, 5th Floor, Ap. registered with the Trade Register Office under no. J40 /15250/2018, fiscal code RO33630924.
  2. Our site “” was born from the passion for wine, and in its content any visitor will find a multitude of services and a rich content of information, starting from the simplest, presentation of wine cellars and wines and up to sections of deepening / enriching the knowledge about wine.
  3. The content of the site is aimed at a target audience, in particular, wine industry connoisseurs, generically winery” consisting of holders and employees of wine cellars and producers, sommeliers, tasters, traders, suppliers, wine enthusiasts, etc., as well as any persons interested in the news and information presented on the site. The information presented through the website is aimed at all age groups, with guardians, trustees and parents exercising control and being directly responsible for the supervision, upbringing and education of those with limited or no legal capacity (minor, irresponsible, legally prohibited). Our website does not directly sell alcoholic beverages and visitors are encouraged to consume and purchase wines only from specialized stores and within legal and reasonable limits.
  4. These “Rules” set out the conditions for viewing the Site, using certain features and services and purchasing products sold through the Site. Thus, in the Rules, any User/Visitor will find the rules of access, registration (account creation), subscription to receive periodic information (news-letter), conditions of access to the services provided, for each section (content on the site), methods of purchase and payment of goods and services, all of which are subject to these terms, except where special conditions will be stipulated for each individual case. Visitors can access a limited amount of information for free, while users of a service can access a wider range of features, depending on the account and tariff plan chosen (if applicable) and the range of services purchased individually.
  5. Any person, Visitor/User of the Site, is obliged to take note of the contents of these Rules. By using the website, by logging in and by accessing the services offered, you accept the General Terms and Conditions stipulated below, with all the legal consequences deriving from them, as well as the “Privacy Policy”, “Cookie Policy”, “Personal Data Processing Policy – G.D.P.R.” etc.
  • Visitor a natural person who views the site, who does not have an Account or who is not connected to it and who implicitly undertakes to comply with this set of rules, being responsible for his actions on the site. Any visitor can subscribe in order to receive regular news-letter;
  • User any natural person, having the declared age of over 18 years, or any legal person who registers on the Site and who, by completing the account creation process, has given its express consent to the terms and conditions of the Site in this Regulation or in the specific sections in which it has registered and which implicitly undertakes to comply with this set of rules, being responsible for his actions on the site;
  • Cont – registration in a section of the Site using an e-mail address and password that allows User accessing functions or purchasing services, in the form of an order. The account will contain information about User and its history on the Site (Orders, Tax Invoices, etc.). The User is responsible and will ensure that all information entered when creating the Account is accurate, complete and up-to-date;
  • Goods and Services – any product or service listed on the Site, addressed to visitors and users who are individuals or legal entities, facilitating access to the content of the Site and the products marketed through it;
  • Specifications/offer – all specifications and/or descriptions of products and/or services as stated on the website;
  • Newsletter – the means of periodic information, exclusively electronically, by e-mail (e-mail, SMS), on the activities, news, relevant profile information, news from the wine industry, products, services and / or promotions carried out (generically called “commercial communications”) by Clos A&M S.R.L. in a certain period of time;
  • Order –the request to access the products / services made available on the site, transmitted through an electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between the subscribed Clos A&M S.R.L. and the user;
  • Contract –represents the distance contract concluded between the User, as a buyer and the undersigned Clos A&M S.R.L., as seller, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, having as object the supply / provision of a service or the sale of some goods. The listing of services and / or products on the site represents an offer of sale, in the terms and conditions displayed, and the placing of an order represents an offer to buy. The contract is concluded after the confirmation of payment, if any, or after the confirmation of the order by the Seller. The contracts concluded in the online system for the purchase of goods and services are governed by the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, if the User is a natural person and by the Romanian Civil Code approved by Law no. 71/2011, if the User is a legal person;
  • Payment -Access to certain sections of the site is allowed to the User, after making and confirming the payment in the online system with a bank card, through external providers of receipts and payments services, based on independent legal relations, concluded between the payment service provider and the User. In order to make the payment, the user will provide all the data requested by the payment integrator who processes the online payment, as well as the data necessary for the issuance of the tax invoice by the Seller.
  • Regulation – this Regulation and its annexes establishing the rules for the use of the Site. The updated version of the Rules is available on the Site at any time, in a form that offers the possibility of downloading, saving to the hard drive of the device or printing it. We reserve the right to permanently update this Regulation, the new version being directly applicable to subscribers and users from the moment of its notification. To the extent that subscribers and users do not accept our new conditions, they have the possibility to withdraw from the Contract, by unilaterally denouncing the subscription, requesting the cancellation of the account, registration or subscription to the newsletter, without the possibility of reimbursement of advanced expenses. Visitors will accept the version available at the time of accessing the site.
  • Activități și secțiuni – Within the site, you will be able to access a wide range of information and activities, developed in several sections:
    • Free browsing and viewing of the content published on the site. The information published is both general information about our activity, products sold, information about our partners, advertisements, and other information that we consider to be of interest to Visitors and Users.
    • Free, restricted access, without the obligation to register to the sections : “Home”, “Wine cellars”, “News”, “Dictionary” and “Jobs”;
    • Access in exchange for a price, unrestricted, to the “News” section – news, articles, calendar of events in the wine industry, interviews, reviews and wine recommendations – section dedicated to professionals, according to the subscriptions and offers listed on the site, at the time of purchase of the service;
    • Listing your own business in exchange for a price in the “Wine cellars” section dedicated to professionals and / or in other promotional sections, according to the subscriptions and offers listed on the site, at the time of purchase of the service;
    • Listing of some announcements regarding job offers in the wine industry;
    • Purchase of any goods and / or services according to the offers and conditions listed on the site;
    • Purchase of books and brochures in electronic format generically called “E-book”;
    • Free access or in exchange for a price, as the case may be, to the “Podcast” sections, with various topics about wine dedicated to both consumers and professionals;
    • Free subscription to news-letter, in order to receive periodical information;
    • There may also be sections that send other external pages generically referred to as “Link Page”, owned by Clos A&M S.R.L. or third parties.

All paid services are available under the conditions displayed on the site (in the specifications or offer) and accessible only through the account created following the user’s registration.

  1. Accessing the site is allowed, in compliance with the principle of good faith, for information purposes and for the use and purchase of goods and services provided on the site. Thus, misuse is prohibited.
  2. It is not permitted to use this website for the purpose of deliberately introducing viruses or any other program or material that may be technically harmful or destructive. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to this site, the server on which it is hosted or any other server, computer or database in connection with this site are prohibited. By accepting the Terms and Conditions you undertake not to attack this website by means of a service blocking attack or distributably blocking the service. Failure to comply with the provisions of this clause will be reported to the competent authorities in order to apply legal sanctions and will cause the immediate suspension of the right to use this website.
  3. Clos A&M S.R.L., will make every effort to ensure a safe navigation on the site, but will not be able to guarantee that the servers on which it is hosted or the emails sent are free of viruses or other computer components of a potentially harmful nature, that it does not contain errors, omissions, malfunctions, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, line falls or any other similar factors. Please be aware that you use the site at your own risk, the undersigned Clos A & M S.R.L. not being in any way liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use or access / visit of the site or as a result of the use of the information on the site. Clos A & M S.R.L. will not be liable for any errors or omissions that may occur in the drafting or presentation of the materials on the site, without this provision affecting the rights you benefit from, under the law. Thus, it is to your advantage to ensure that you have adequate defense systems in place to protect your computer from viruses and/or any other harmful content.
  4. Any links (“Link Page”) to other third-party sites or materials, if any, posted on our website are provided for informational purposes only and we assume no responsibility in any way for the content of such pages and materials, for the products or services promoted or marketed through these sites, which are not under our control or direction. In case of use of these links or references, the general conditions of use corresponding to those sites will apply.
  5. Clos A & M S.R.L. will ensure the confidentiality of your data, i.e. login data, password and all other details related to the account created on the websitewww.winesofromania.comin accordance with the Privacy Policy presented below. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the account information created on the site remains confidential at all times and will not be transmitted to third parties. By accepting this Regulation you agree to inform us, through the contact section, as soon as possible if you reasonably have suspicions that the security of your account is in danger.
  6. The prices displayed on the site are expressed in LEI or Euro and include all applicable taxes. The payment will be made only in the national currency of Romania, respectively “RON” (The Romanian Leu). The conversion from Euro to RON will be made at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment. In case of payment with a Euro card or other currency, the card issuing bank may charge other additional conversion fees or may consider another exchange rate; in this case please refer to the exchange rate and the conditions of your bank. Value added tax is applied at the legal value from the date of the order and is included in the prices of the products and/or services. All costs, including additional ones, will be included in the summary of your order displayed on the screen before the final confirmation of your order.
  7. By this Regulation, we inform you that the prices of products and services listed by other websites, publishers, bookstores or at presentations, exhibitions and/or other live events do not apply to purchases made on the site and vice versa.
  8. The offer/prices are valid within the term and conditions displayed on the site. If the validity term of the offer has been exceeded, you can contact through the contact form to confirm the existing offer or to obtain a new offer.
  9. For any complaints and/or suggestions related to our website and activity, we invite you to write to us on the official email address in the contact section or through the online contact form.
  1. In order to access the site, respectively the presentation sections, there is no need to register. In this case, you will have the status of visitor.
  2. Subscribing to news-letter is done without registration, just by voluntarily providing contact details to your email address and/or phone number.
  3. In order to obtain a full functionality of a Service or to purchase a product, you must register on the site by creating a User Account. In order to create the account, the User will fill in the form available on the site, mandatorily providing the following data: name and surname / company name, date of birth / date of registration in the Trade Register, a valid email address, a password for identification and authentication in the site, as well as any other data expressly requested, necessary to provide the requested service, as an example: data necessary for billing. Registration can also take place through an external service provider, such as Facebook, Google or Apple.
  4. After completing the data required for registration, the User will receive the confirmation of the Registration of the Account at the e-mail address indicated by him/ her, a link for the activation of the Account and the Regulation in force at the time of registration. By activating the account, a consensual contract is concluded between Clos A&M and the User, by which we undertake to offer the services or goods requested by the User, free of charge or in exchange for a sum of money, according to the offered accessed. The confirmation of the account also represents the acceptance to subscribe to the newsletter. The waiver of receiving these periodical information may take place at any time, from the created account or newsletter received. The waiver of the newsletter does not imply the waiver of the account, the contract or the obligations arising from this Regulation.
  5. Accessing the service represents the acceptance of the conditions specified in the offer presented on the site, which are completed with the provisions of this Regulation.
  6. In case of registration by filling in the available form, the User undertakes to provide personal, real, accurate and complete data, as requested by the registration form of the site and to update them permanently in case they undergo changes. By accessing the site and the Services provided, the User guarantees that he provides correct data being solely responsible for the information provided.
  7. In order to fulfill the User’s obligations, we reserve the right (not the obligation) to verify the correctness of the registration data and the User’s activity, and if it is found that the information provided by the User is inaccurate, incomplete or the purpose of the registration is not the declared one or is a illicit one, we reserve the right to delete the account or to refuse the User to create the account and / or access the services offered on the site, where applicable.
  8. The user can only own one account associated with an email address for each section. The sections of the site are independent, the User being able to create an account only for the sections of interest.
  9. The legal person user may hold several accounts, with the consent of the subscribed Clos A&M S.R.L., to the extent that this is justified by its economic nature or by its commercial interests. In the absence of our express consent, we reserve the right to suspend or delete one or more accounts in the absence of circumstances that fully justify the need for more than one registration. This clause also applies to natural persons who register more than once, in order to benefit from certain offers and/or to circumvent the conditions of the offer or to natural persons having the capacity of proxy of a legal person.
  10. For security reasons, the User is advised not to remain logged in to the site and not to set the option of automatic logging on mobile devices.
  11. Violation of the rules by the User may lead to the deletion of the account and withdrawal of the right to use the facilities and services made available on the site. I In this regard, the User will be informed by email about the measure taken.
  12. By deleting the account, as a contractual sanction, the User loses both the rights over the goods and services offered, as well as the right to request the reimbursement of all amounts and expenses advanced (as an example: costs for the purchase of goods, costs of logging in, bank fees, currency exchange fees, damages, penalties and the like). This clause is not a limitation of our right to claim payment of damage caused by the wrongful User.
  1. Any User may place Orders on the Site „” through the user account by checking the option corresponding to the goods and/or services desired, and the Order will be completed by the confirmation of the payment made by bank card by the STRIPE payment processor ( The data provided to the payment processor will not be processed / stored by Clos A&M S.R.L.
  2. Accepted bank cards are VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, AMERCIAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, DINERS CLUB, JCB, UNIONPAY. As soon as you have placed your Order, the payment processor will block the order value on your card. If the Order is cancelled, the payment processor will unlock the order value within a maximum of 14 days from the date of cancellation of the Order, depending on your bank’s policy. All additional and non-order summary costs are borne by the Buyer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees or other fees for payment from Escrow accounts or the like, applied by the Buyer’s card issuing bank. The responsibility for this action lies only with the Buyer, and in case of cancellation of the order subscribed Clos A & M S.R.L. undertakes to reimburse, within 14 days, only the amount mentioned in the offer (if applicable) and only in the currency mentioned in the offer.
  3. For this, we may ask you to provide identity documents, by electronic means of remote communication, before or after the confirmation of your order. In the absence of these documents or if the documents do not establish the identity of the User, we reserve the right not to confirm or cancel the order. At the same time, we reserve the right to reject an order in the event of an ongoing payment dispute or if a Customer has ordered an unusually large number of products and/or services. We also reserve the right to reject an order in the event of an ongoing payment dispute or if a Customer has ordered an unusually large number of products and/or services.
  4. We may also cancel the placed order, with prior notice to the User, without any further obligation of either party to the other or without either party being able to claim damages from the other in the following cases:
    1. non-acceptance of the User’s card / invalidation of the transaction by the payment processor;
    2. the data provided by the User on the Site are incomplete and/or incorrect;
    3. for accidental errors on the site regarding the presentation of products / services or their price. By way of example: in the case of orders concerning Products and/or Services displayed on the website as a result of technical errors or which, due to technical errors, show obviously erroneous/derivative prices (prices which can reasonably be judged as erroneous/derivative by the average consumer), with the consequence of refunding the full amount paid by the Buyer in respect of the cancelled orders, if applicable.
  5. Please note that you can only make a valid order on the site if you have reached the age of 18.
  6. Once the option for a product / service is expressed, it is available for purchase to the extent that the conditions of the offer listed on the site are met. The option for a certain product / service, in the absence of completing the Order, does not entail the registration of an order, the conclusion of the contract and, implicitly, the granting of the right of access to the product / service.
  7. Please note that we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information published on the Site, including the description of Products and Services and the prices listed, is accurate and complete at all times. However, there may also be material/technical/human errors. In such cases, we will try to remove any errors that occur as quickly as possible. If we find that the error has affected your Order or the valid Contract, we will try to inform you as soon as possible, giving you the possibility to reconfirm the Order/Contract or to cancel it.
  8. We also inform you that services with digital content, not delivered on a physical medium, cannot, by their nature, benefit from a guarantee. Also, by placing the order, the User expressly consents that he/she is aware that the digital products and services provided by Clos A&M S.R.L. are exempted from the right of withdrawal from the contract (“return” of the product) as the digital product, once delivered, cannot be returned, being a consumable product. The exception is provided for by the express legal provisions of Art. 16 lit. m) of the Emergency Ordinance No 34/2014, in force at the date of adoption of this Regulation. The digital content of the products marketed by Clos A & M S.R.L. belongs entirely to us, being under legal copyright protection. Users may only purchase this type of product for their own use, and it is prohibited to market, distribute in any form, make public its contents or resell it, even if the operation is one-off.
  9. We also reserve the right, at any time, to modify, suspend or discontinue the sale of products online, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. Clos A & M S.R.L. shall not be liable for any modification, suspension or interruption of the availability of the online ordering service, without prejudice to the rights of consumers under the law.
  10. Products will be delivered / access will be allowed immediately after confirmation of payment. In the event of delays for any reason beyond our control, we will do our best to expedite the delivery of the products, but cannot be held responsible for such delays.
  11. The notification received by the Buyer after the Order has been placed is for information purposes only and does not constitute acceptance of the Order. This notification is done electronically (e-mail), by SMS or by telephone. By placing your order you agree that the form of communication will take place by email, SMS or telephone.
  12. Invoices confirming the purchase of products by you will be issued by the undersigned Clos A & M S.R.L. in electronic format, being valid without signature and stamp according to art. 319 paragraph (29) of the Fiscal Code. The invoice will be sent to the email address you specified when creating your user account on the site. Only one invoice will be issued for each order placed. The user is obliged to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice in accordance with the tax and accounting legislation in force.
  1. The stylized representations, graphic design, logos and associated symbols and combinations thereof with any word or graphic symbol, photographs, audio-video materials, content used on this site, as well as any informational material/articles made available to the public under the signature Clos A & M S.R.L. or Marinela Ardelean are our exclusive property/use. All intellectual property rights owned by third parties, quoted/taken from and/or other sources, as well as other information that is public or well-known by its nature (for example: legislation, press releases, etc.) are exempted.
  2. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged. Thus, it is permissible to distribute and redistribute through social media channels articles and hyperlinks that refer directly to the source, but without the possibility for any person to appropriate the content or publish the material creating this appearance. Also, in the case of scholarly works, it is imperative to cite the source of the information.
  3. Visitors/Users cannot retrieve the content of the site, intervene, modify or delete its content (text, images, logos, etc.). Any violation of this rule is an infringement of copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property right and is punishable by law.
  4. No copying, multiplication, distribution, archiving or storage, by any means, without our consent, for any purpose whatsoever, of materials on the site or purchased materials, and unlimited to: brochures, E-book, etc.
  5. In the event that the publication of images, comments, reviews, personal opinions or the like, which may be protected by intellectual property rights, by visitors/users is permitted on the site, the responsibility for the content thereof shall rest solely with the users concerned. We reserve the right to censor any post that violates the law, general rules of moral conduct (good morals) and or these Rules.
  6. In conclusion, any use of the Site Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by these Rules and/or without our consent is prohibited.
  1. Clos A & M S.R.L. will keep confidential any information of any nature that you provide. The disclosure of the information provided may only be made under the conditions mentioned in this Regulation or with the consent of the holder of the information.
  2. By creating and using the Account, the User assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user and password) and for managing access to the Account.
  3. By creating and using the Account, the User assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user and password) and for managing access to the Account.
  4. By submitting information, data or other materials through this site, you grant unrestricted and irrevocable access to them, the right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute such materials or information, to the extent that they do not contain personal data, for which the G.D.P.R. conditions below are applicable. You also agree that Seller may freely use, for its own non-commercial/advertising purposes, any such information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you submit to us through the Site.
  1. Clos A&M SRL is a personal data controller. We collect the following types of personal data from you: name, surname, e-mail address, CNP, date of birth, Telephone, Customer ID, Transaction ID, Subscription, Browsing history, Billing address;
  2. The following data are processed in the legitimate interest of our company according to its business activity as well as in the following purposes expressly stated:
  1. To reply to your messages from the contact form we process the following data:
    1. First and last name – we need this information to personalise your address.
    2. E-mail – the e-mail address we use to reply to your message.
    3. Message – here you can detail your needs.
  2. In order to perform our contractual obligations we will process all the data provided, according to the form filled in for account creation / newsletter subscription, listed below.
  3. For account creation, customer identification, contract execution, i.e. service delivery, billing and other legal obligations we will process the following data:
    1. Name, surname, age, CNP/CUI, company name if applicable, address – are processed data, in particular, for invoicing purposes, these data being mandatory according to the Romanian Fiscal Code;
    2. E-mail and Telephone – for communication of order information;
    3. Customer ID – when creating an account a Customer ID is created to identify you as a unique customer in the database.
    4. Transaction ID – each unique order has a unique identifier.
  4. Newsletter Marinela Ardelean:
    1. Name, surname – we use this data to personalise your address.
    2. E-mail – the e-mail address we use to send you the newsletter.
  5. Language of communication – we use this information to know in which language to send you the newsletter.
  6. Online behaviour to improve services.
  7. Browsing history – we share this information with our partners described in our cookie policy in order to deliver personalised offers to you. More information can be found in the following section on our cookie policy.
  • What do we do with them?
  1. Your personal data are processed within the company Clos A&M S.R.L. with registered office in Romania. The hosting and storage of your data takes place in Romania at MXHOST acting as a proxy for Clos A&M S.R.L.
  2. Your personal data are also processed by Mailchimp acting as a proxy of Clos A&M S.R.L., providing the newsletter management service. Mailchimp is operated by The Rocket Science Group LLC, a company based in the United States. The compliance of the international transfer of personal data is ensured by the Standard Contractual Clauses agreement signed between The Rocket Science Group LLC and Clos A&M S.R.L.
  3. The transaction ID and the amount paid for the purchase of a subscription also go to our partner STRIPE who processes the payments. It will act as a processor and will collect from you other data necessary to complete the payment. This data will not be shared with us.
  4. Your personal data is also processed by the company Seofy S.R.L., which acts as a proxy for Clos A&M S.R.L., maintaining the site.
  5. Your personal browsing history data is passed on to our partners described in the cookie policy. Please see the description of these partners on this page..
  • How long do we keep personal data?
  1. Your personal data in the messages will be kept for one year after the last communication, unless you become our customer.
  2. Your personal data in the account will be kept for three years after the last activity on the account based on the legitimate interest of the operator to maintain your account in case of inactivity.
  3. Personal data that are contained in financial-accounting documents or in documents that are attached to financial-accounting documents will be kept for 10 years according to the provisions of Article 38 of Annex 1 to Order No. 2634/2015 on financial-accounting documents, issued by the Ministry of Public Finance, and will not be accessed for any purpose other than the legal purpose for which they are archived. After 10 years this data will be destroyed.
  4. Your personal data in the newsletter will be kept for the duration of the newsletter or until you choose to withdraw your consent.
  5. Your online activity data will be kept for the life of the cookies or until you decide to delete the cookies.
  • What are your rights?
  1. If you have reason to believe that any personal data we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request to see this information, to rectify it or request that it be deleted, to request restriction of processing or to object to processing, and you also have the right to data portability. To exercise these rights, please contact us via the contact section or by e-mail:
  2. For the newsletter you have the right to revoke your consent at any time. For this please contact us at or unsubscribe directly from the newsletter.
  3. If you wish to lodge a complaint about the way we have processed your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer at the following e-mail address The Data Protection Officer will contact you to resolve the issue raised.
  4. You can also contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing at and you can lodge a complaint with them.

  • Information about cookies:
  1. In order to allow this site to function properly and to improve your browsing experience, this site must place a small amount of information (Cookies) on your computer/device.
  2. Certain cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and to enable the use of certain technical features thus providing you with a satisfactory user experience. Thus, thanks to cookies, the site remembers, over a period of time, your actions and preferences (login, language, font size and other display preferences). This way, you don’t have to re-enter them every time you return to the site or navigate from one page to another.. .
  3. In order to use cookies that are not necessary for the use of the site but that improve the services offered, we will ask for your approval. If you do not give us your consent to use certain cookies, you can still browse the site, but some functionality will not be available to you.
  • What are cookies and how are they used?
  1. Cookies are non-harmful information stored on your computer or mobile device by our website. Normally cookies store your preferences, site settings such as preferred language or address. Later, when you visit that site again, your web browser sends back the cookies from that page. This allows the site to display content in a personalised way, because thanks to a cookie the site remembers your actions and settings for a specified period. Each time a user opens a page, the web server reads the values previously stored in the cookie.
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  • What cookies does our site use and why?
  1. Our website uses cookies to remember:
    1. your display preferences, such as contrast, colour or font size;
    2. if you have answered a pop-up survey on the usefulness of the content (not to be asked again);
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A detailed list of these cookies can be found in the description of the cookie consent management tool.

  • How to disable cookies?
  1. Enabling cookies is not strictly necessary for the functioning of the site, but it can improve your browsing experience. You can delete or block cookies, but if you do so, some features of the site may not function properly. Information associated with cookies are not used to personally identify you.
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  3. You can disable cookies that are not needed at any time and they will no longer be stored on your computer or device. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. For more details and instructions on how to use it you can visit the official website:
  1. The user expressly declares that he/she accepts the following conditions:
  1. The use of the services made available on the site is at the user’s own risk.
  2. The undersigned Clos A&M cannot guarantee that:
  • the services and goods listed meet all User quality requirements, any service/good being purchased at the User’s risk and liability;
  • the services and goods listed may achieve the User’s intended result;
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